CHECK-IN TIME: is 3:00 pm. (subject to change) Upon arrival, stop at our office to pick up your cabin key. If you are unable to check-in during office hours, the cabin key will be left in an envelope with your name on it located inside the green mailbox beside the door at the office. Please note that the map to the cabin you have reserved will not be left for you in the envelope with your key should you check in after hours….DO NOT FORGET to bring your map with you….as we do not escort guests to their cabin!

CHECK-OUT Time: is 11:00 a.m. The cabin key is to be returned to the office personnel. If the office is closed drop the key in the key drop box slot by the office door. DO NOT LEAVE KEY IN THE CABIN!
Should you not return the key to the office at the time given you for your check-out, you will lose your Security Deposit! Upon signing the “Credit Card Agreement and Policy” you agreed to this charge!

RENTAL PAYMENT: Lodging must be pre-paid two weeks before arrival!! Your lodging can be paid with a VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Should you pay with a check you must provide an ID and should be in our possession two (2) weeks prior to your arrival. We also accept money orders with an ID. Should special circumstances be required for payment, please advise us at time of booking. All cabins have a two-night minimum and a three-night minimum on holiday weekends!

SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit guarantees this reservation and also ensures that you will leave the cabin neat by following the checkout procedures and free of any damage (see additional information under Damages). A housekeeping fee is charged on each cabin, however, should you not follow the checkout procedures handed to you or left for you with the key to your cabin in an envelope with your name on it located inside the green mailbox beside the office door upon your arrival, and in the 3 ring binder at the cabin this additional expense will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit. The security deposit is $ 150 for rentals up to 3 nights. An additional $ 50 is required for every additional 1 or 2 nights. These deposits are required for all reservations and may be secured using a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, check (with ID), money order or cash. Your Security Deposit applies not only to your lodging should you cancel or become a NO SHOW, but will also apply if you choose not to follow part or all of our checkout procedures/policies.

DAMAGES OR THEFT IN REGARD TO PROPERTY/GROUNDS/FURNISHINGS/HOT TUBS: When you make a reservation you are responsible for any and all damages done by the guests or pets to the cabin, grounds, furnishing, appliances, furniture (including linens/towels, etc.) and hot-tubs. The amount of the damage can be up to and beyond the amount of your Security Deposit. This cost includes the time involved by Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins, Inc. (Management Company) in correcting, replacement, repair of said damages to the owner of the cabin and Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins, Inc. satisfaction!
Upon signing the “Credit Card Agreement and Policy” you agreed to accept this charge and responsibility for the cost of these damages.


TELEPHONES: All the cabins have long distance blocks on the phones. You must use a 1-800 calling card or cell phone to call long distance from the cabin. Internet service is only accessible by using an 800 number or a local number.

EQUIPMENT, FURNISHINGS, SERVICE CALLS & REFUNDS: Each cabin is privately owned and fully furnished including linens/towels and paper products by each owner…please check the website or ask about each cabin upon making your reservation. We give no refunds on failure of any items or appliances. Please report any problems and we will make every effort to have them repaired as soon as possible. Should a repairperson make a service call to a cabin and find that the equipment is in working order and the problem was due to the guest(s) oversight or neglect, the charge for service will be the guest(s) responsibility. Refunds or rate adjustments are not made for any inconvenience due to construction, road repair, etc. Please do not move furniture as it can result in damages. Candles not permitted in any cabin! Upon signing the “Credit Card Agreement and Policy” you agree to the charge for a service call covering a problem with an appliance or any item related to oversight or neglect of the guest as stated above.

PETS: A pet may be allowed in some cabins for which there is a $25 fee per pet, per stay (The Accommodation List and our website will list cabins that will permit a large pet or small pet or no pet at all). Please note policy attached (if you have booked with a pet). Prior arrangements for a pet must be made. Do not wait until check-in to ask if a pet is okay. If a pet is taken into a cabin without prior approval, you will be asked to vacate the cabin immediately with no refund of rent or security deposit. Upon signing the “Credit Card Agreement and Policy” you agree to our “Pet Policy”, additional charges up to and beyond the Pet Security Deposit that is mailed or faxed to you upon making the reservation!

FIREPLACES: Fireplace season runs from Oct 1 to March 31. Firewood is provided but you might want to buy or bring some type of kindling/starter from home. Be sure to ask or check the website if you prefer a gas log or wood burning fireplace. Upon signing the “Credit Card Agreement and Policy” you agree to the use of the fireplace as stated above. Should you use the fireplaces before or after the dates stated above you will incur a charge!

FIRE-PITS, DIRT BIKES/4 WHEELERS, FIREARMS, and FIREWORKS: Dirt bikes or 4 wheelers are not welcomed on the private roads leading to and on which the cabins are located. Also, the shooting of BB guns, pellet guns, firearms, fireworks or fire pits are not permitted at any of the cabin properties - not even on the 4th of July and New Year's Eve. In the event that the above items are found to have happened at the cabin during your stay you will loose your security deposit. Upon signing the “Credit Card Agreement and Policy” you agree to the non-use of fire-pits, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, firearms and fireworks!

Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins is not responsible for any items that are left in the cabins during your stay or after departure.

The "Credit Card Agreement and Policy" is a form that Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins either mail or fax to you upon making the reservation for a cabin along with all the maps. The "Credit Card Agreement and Policy" to be signed and returned to us either by mail or fax within a certain timeframe!